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With "Secrets of Successful Women Inventors," Edie Goldstein Tolchin shows you how. This collection of interviews showcases aspiring inventors/entrepreneurs who have followed Edie's guidance and achieved commercial success. From patenting to manufacturing to marketing, Edie and her colleagues will inspire you every step of the way.

Outstanding Account of the Challenges Women Have to Overcome


If you ever find yourself wanting to accomplish something significant but are facing self-doubt, I recommend reading this book. Beyond discussing incredibly interesting inventions, Edith knows how to extract the most salient advice from the women she interviews. It's quite fascinating to hear about the lived experiences of these women, experiences that are seldom discussed by those who commonly populate business and invention spaces, and how they give birth to such novel ideas.

Furthermore, anyone wanting to turn an idea into a tangible product would find this book very interesting. I can't recommend Chapter 21 enough. Its detailed account of offshore manufacturing, what to look for when hiring a sourcing consultant, and the potential issues that can arise when manufacturing a product overseas are emblematic of Edith's excellent business acumen.

The second part of the book, which contains encyclopedic knowledge about materializing an idea, will be of practical value to any inventor and entrepreneur, irrespective of gender.

Overall, this is an excellent read which a large swath of people will find immense value in.


Honest Stories of Women Inventors


This book is inspirational, each chapter is a new story of the journey these woman experienced and are experiencing as they bring their own inventions to the marketplace. It's not an easy task, having role models is important. Edith Tolchin has done a great job of curating the Inventor's/inventions. I can see this book being a GREAT gift for a young person who is interested in the world of inventing but this book is for all ages. I created a bookmark to match my paperback because reading a book in physical form should be celebrated!

Insightful And Informative!


Edith G. Tolchin’s Secrets of Successful Women Inventors is filled with wonderful interviews with women who have had an idea and brought their product to market, some with amazing success. It is nice to hear their journeys in their own words. In addition, the information Tolchin provides on patenting, manufacturing, transportation, and more is all very helpful for someone who wants to get the process started. My only quibble is that I had to look up the products because there was not enough specific information of what they look like and how they function. Otherwise a marvelous, insightful read.

An invaluable resource for all inventors. Highly recommended!


Many great ideas never make it off the drawing board because developing a concept into a marketable product can be daunting and overwhelming. Where does one begin along this path? This book is replete with inspirational and practical information for inventors. Although the book is written for women, it is equally valuable for men. The book’s accomplished contributors provide insights into what it takes to be a successful inventor. Part I of the book consists of the personal stories of women inventors detailing their creative journeys. Part II of the book covers essential information that every inventor needs to know about including funding, manufacturing, and marketing. This book is enjoyable to read and highly informative. Its expert contributors serve as your team of mentors to guide you as you make your invention a reality. I highly recommend this book.

Great book on importance of women entrepreneurs


Very interesting to see the ways the women in the book come up with their award-winning inventions. It was a great book to get my brain juices flowing - definitely a good gift idea for the women (and men!) in your life.